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Bubble Bath


Bubble Bath


Belly Buttons & Babies makes bath time fun for the whole family. Soothing and natural ingredients will leave the skin feeling velvety soft. Pour 3 to 4 capfuls under running water and enjoy.

Body Wash/Shampoo


Belly Buttons & Babies™ makes getting clean as much fun as getting dirty.  Simply lather up from head to toe, and gently rinse away.

Coconut Milk Bath Soak


This Coconut Milk Bath Soak is a sensational way to enliven your daily bathing ritual! Delicately ground oats are combined with protein-rich coconut milk powder to help soothe and rejuvenate skin by releasing dead cells and providing silky nourishment. Safe for baby and for those with sensitive skin.  May be used in place of soap.

What Customers are Saying


“This sweet place has more than you can imagine and has a heart beat that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s thoughtful beyond what you could think of for yourself. Your wishes, hopes and a place to discover things you didn’t know you would want and love. Stacey is my go to girl for All things pregnancy and baby. She’s not just the shop around the corner but the shop in everyone’s heart. I love how even as someone not in that particular season of life you can still peruse and fall in love with her hand selected and often unique treasures. So if you are looking to find something special and not make your wallet (or husband) holler stop in because you will never leave that place without something you’ll love and a full heart. Birthed out of Love and Rooted in what matters, order from Bundle of Grace! “

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About Our Founder

Stacey is a Wife, Mother of 4 and Entrepreneur. As a young stay at home mom, Stacey spent her time caring for her children and family. In this time, she began to pay attention to the companies providing products for her family’s consumption and use. It became apparent that not all these companies were equal. As someone passionate about caring for not only her family but the environment, she began searching out companies that shared those interests.  After deciding that her family was complete, Stacey ventured out and opened a Maternity and Nursing Boutique in the heart of Downtown Fredericksburg where she began to sell new and used clothing and accessories, as well as offer classes to help educate and connect parents in the area.

After launching the store, and striving to keep that business solely mom focused, she decided to Launch Bundle of Grace, a naturally minded store, focusing on the needs of families after baby arrives. Her vision for Bundle of Grace is to provide natural, safe and gentle essentials, along with transparency to her customers. She believes strongly that your Bundle deserves only the best, and that those products shouldn’t be the smallest selection available, but instead the main focus. She aims to create a simple process and inclusive site that provides all the essentials needed for your baby or toddler in an easy to navigate and convenient location, as well as a place to highlight the beliefs and values of the companies that create those products for your family.

Stacey Thomas


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